Planned Parenthood introduces Proper Attire condoms

WASHINGTON The Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced Thursday the introduction of a new condom, to be called Proper Attire: Required for entry, that was designed to encourage women to feel comfortable buying and carrying condoms.

“When we decided to create a new condom line, we knew that we wanted to make it cool for women to carry condoms,” stated Rachel Molloy, brand director of Proper Attire. “Every element of the brand has been inspired by the world of fashion, from the … brand name, and the chic packaging created by designers, to the fig leaf logo showcasing clothing in its most primitive form.”

“Social taboos make some women embarrassed to buy and carry condoms,” stated PPFA president Cecile Richards. “That’s why Proper Attire was created. … With its fashionable wrapping, women will now have the option to choose the right ‘attire’ for that special occasion. Responsible decisions about sex are everybody’s personal fashion statement.”

The condoms will be sold as three-packs through specialty boutiques and hotels. They will also be available at Planned Parenthood health centers and will soon be sold online. The suggested retail price is $6.

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