'Picture This' forums bring diabetes management awareness to public

PRINCETON, N.J. A few days after it released a report on how awareness and education play an integral role in the prevention, detection and treatment of diabetes, Novo Nordisk is bringing it to the public.

The drug maker said Friday that, through its collaboration with the Entertainment Industries Council, it will host "Picture This" forums, which include an open discussion among diabetes stakeholders and the media to identify top diabetes communication challenges, explore strategies to address those priorities and strengthen community understanding about diabetes through news media and community affairs programs.

The forums will be held in Philadelphia on Oct. 22 and Seattle on Nov. 18.


"Novo Nordisk is proud to join EIC, the media and community leaders in Seattle and Philadelphia to explore ways to improve how diabetes is communicated about and understood by local citizens," said Tony Deluzio, senior medical director at Novo Nordisk. "As the prevalence of diabetes continues to be on the rise, bringing together those on the front line of diabetes care will open the potential to reduce the stigma associated with diabetes and empower those affected by the disease to lead full and productive lives."


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