Physicians Interactive and McKesson collaborate on electronic voucher program delivered to clinicians

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — Physicians Interactive and McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions on Tuesday announced a joint collaboration to deliver eCoupon, one of the industry’s first automated pharmaceutical voucher and coupon distribution solution for clinicians who use electronic health records and ePrescribing software.  

The collaboration between PI and MPRS creates the opportunity to increase the access of health professionals to web- and mobile-based patient adherence and support programs that can assist in that clinician's ability to optimize patient care and treatment.

“With our extensive experience in implementing comprehensive adherence programs, our partnership with Physicians Interactive accelerates our ability to appropriately add value to ePrescribing technologies,” stated Derek Rago, VP marketing and strategy, MPRS. “This enables more meaningful physician-patient interactions, which has been shown to increase patient engagement that ultimately will help patients be more adherent resulting in better health outcomes.”

The impact of coupons and vouchers at the point of care has been reinforced by industry research, including a recent physician survey by McKesson, which found that 70% of physicians emphasized the importance of sharing medication discounts at the point of prescribing as a way to promote patient adherence. Integration and access to coupons via ePrescribing and EHRs is critical for physician adoption. By the end of 2011, more than half of office-based physicians used ePrescribing, versus one-in-ten three years ago. Additionally, the number of prescriptions routed electronically increased 75% in just one year’s time, with more than 570 million electronic prescriptions dispensed in 2011.

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