PhotoMedex expands in-store availability of no!no! Hair product

ORANGEBURG, N.Y. — PhotoMedex announced today the expansion of in-store availability of its flagship product no!no! Hair to approximately 950 Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide. The product launched initially several months ago through a pilot program in just over 100 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and with the success of the pilot launch, PhotoMedex made the decision to push the product into wider release.

"We are pleased to have our flagship product in virtually all Bed Bath & Beyond stores and to be associated with the quality reputation it commands in the retail market. The limited introductory launch with no!no! Hair Plus in their stores performed quite well and we look forward to making the next phase of this rollout even more successful," said Dr. Dolev Rafaeli, CEO of PhotoMedex, and president and CEO of Radiancy Inc.

The expansion with Bed Bath & Beyond adds to the company's rapidly growing global retail footprint. Fully 3,000 multi-tiered retail doors in the Japanese market, more than 800 doors in Argentina and the UK market's success in expanding from major department stores like Selfridges, Harrods and John Lewis, to 240 Boots stores in 2009 with no!no! Hair Plus and no!no! Skin helped pave the way for a 2012 third quarter expansion to Argos' 600 doors with no!no! Hair Plus, no!no! Hair Classic and no!no! Skin.

Bed Bath & Beyond retails no!no! Hair Plus for $259.95 and is offered in sizzling red and bolting blue.

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