Philosophy gets customized with CafePress

SAN MATEO, Calif. — CafePress, a customization engine that enables individuals, nonprofits and businesses to create, buy and sell customized merchandise online, has teamed up with beauty brand Philosophy to offer customized bath and body gifts.

Philosophy joins CafePress' roster of brands as the first skin care and cosmetic brand to provide its consumers with ways to "co-create" their products.

"CafePress' customization capabilities have been employed by numerous brands across a variety of categories to bolster the connection between their loyal consumer base and the products they love," stated Abdul Popal, CafePress SVP business and corporate development. "Our partnership with philosophy allows us, for the first time, to extend our customization engine into the beauty industry, a marketplace that has some of the most loyal customers imaginable."

At launch, the CafePress design tool allows philosophy customers to customize the packaging on three of philosophy's signature shower gel scents: Amazing Grace, Pure Grace and Falling in Love. Customers select from the design templates and add a personal message. Shoppers also can purchase CafePress merchandise ranging from T-shirts and Sigg water bottles to iPad cases inscribed with Philosophy's inspirational messages.


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