Philips Sonicare unveils new FlexCare Platinum toothbrush

STAMFORD, Conn. — Philips Sonicare is looking to elevate the power toothbrush category with the introduction of its latest innovation, FlexCare Platinum.

With approximately half of American adults suffering from mild, moderate or severe gum disease, Sonicare FlexCare Platinum promises to remove up to seven times more plaque between teeth than a manual toothbrush and improve gum health in two weeks.

Equipped with sonic technology, the brush provides a cleaning action that gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gum line, the company stated.

Sonicare FlexCare Platinum's plaque removal capabilities are thanks in part to the new InterCare Brush Head, which has bristles of different lengths to clean different parts of the teeth and gums. The extra-long bristles reach between teeth, while other bristles remove plaque from along the gum line, and polish and clean teeth for a whiter color. The American Dental Association recommends that users change brush heads approximately every three months for optimal plaque removal. So, the InterCare brush head also has reminder bristles that fade to indicate when it's ready to be replaced.
To help guide the user experience and ensure optimal results, Sonicare FlexCare Platinum also addresses aggressive brushing, which can damage teeth and gums with an intuitive Pressure Sensor to guide proper brushing technique. The handle gently vibrates when too much pressure is applied, alerting the user that they are brushing too hard.

Just as dental professionals customize the treatment of their patients, users can customize their brushing experience with a total of nine possible brushing combinations. Users can choose from three individual brushing modes (clean, white and gum care) and three corresponding intensity settings (high, medium and low).

Sonicare FlexCare Platinum is available now at select retailers, with full retail availability by mid-September 2013, for a suggested retail price of $179.99. A model with a UV sanitizer that is designed to remove up to 99% of select bacteria from the InterCare brush head is also available for a suggested retail price of $199.99.

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