Pharmaxis: Bronchitol improved symptoms among CF patients

BALTIMORE Drug maker Pharmaxis got promising results from an investigative treatment for cystic fibrosis, the company said.


Pharmaxis announced results of two six-month phase-3 trials of 643 patients receiving Bronchitol (mannitol), which the company presented last week at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Baltimore.



According to study results, patients treated with Bronchitol experienced an average 7.3% improvement in lung function and experienced a “highly significant” improvement compared with patients in the control group.



“This comprehensive analysis of the pooled results provides an important insight into the overall benefits Bronchitol can provide to patients who are receiving the current best standard of care,” Pharmaxis CEO Alan Robertson said. “The number of exacerbations in the two studies was fairly low, reflecting the aggressive treatment with antibiotics that is now common practice in the clinic.”


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