Pharmavite launches four new supplements

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Pharmavite launched four new products onto retail shelves in March, including two gummy vitamins, an immune-system booster and an omega-3 supplement.

"We strive to develop products that meet consumers' needs, and the breadth of our new product line up this year is no exception to this commitment," stated Tim Toll, chief customer officer at Pharmavite. "As a leading brand in the vitamin and supplement industry, we take pride in developing quality products that help consumers meet their daily nutritional needs."

The new products include:

  • Nature Made Omega-3 with Xtra Absorb Technology. This supplement is designed to provide superior absorption of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids through the company's patented technology. The product's Xtra Absorb Technology creates micro-droplets that enhance the absorption of EPA and DHA omega-3s to provide almost four times better absorption that standard fish oil concentrate;
  • Nature Made Immune Care Daily Support. Immune Care charges the body's natural immune defenses through the power of green tea;
  • Nature Made Dual Action Digestive Probiotic + Energy B12 Gummies. The gummies, which come in raspberry and cherry flavors, are formulated with probiotics and vitamin B12 to support cellular energy production; and
  • Nature Made Adult Gummies for Him Plus Omega-3s. Formulated with the male cosumer in mind, these gummies combine 11 key nutrients of daily nutritional support.
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