PharmaSmart kiosks advance patient self-diagnosis

The Food and Drug Administration over the past year has been exploring ways to further increase the value of the over-the-counter medicine space through the utilization of technology to support new Rx-to-OTC switches. In-store diagnostic tools that help improve compliance, contribute to a HIPPA-compliant health record and increase interception opportunities between pharmacists and patients, like those fielded by PharmaSmart, are the kind of in-store support tools that the FDA is reviewing.

And any question that in-store kiosks are not reliable diagnostic tools that can be a part of a total regular healthcare regiment were put to rest by the December 2012 issue of Blood Pressure Monitoring. The peer-reviewed survey singled out PharmaSmart's kiosk as compliant with the AAMI/ISO international accuracy standard.

"We have a live [electronic medical record] today that's actually sending patients data from the pharmacy directly into the patient's health record at the physician's office," noted Ashton Maaraba, GM and COO of PharmaSmart International. PharmaSmart has been featuring a kiosk that integrates a "Smart Card" functionality to enable the transfer of blood-pressure and pulse readings through a secure HIPAA-compliant server and into an online patient health portal.

Late last year PharmaSmart got a visit from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he visited companies recognized as leading the way in the state's economic development. PharmaSmart is one of 20 companies across New York to become part of Cuomo's Empire State Development Program.

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