PharmaSmart introduces MTM, blood pressure database applications

MTM application allows integration between BP monitor data, pharmacy software

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — PharmaSmart unveiled its new medication therapy management software at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores' Pharmacy and Technology Conference in Boston, the blood-pressure monitor manufacturer said.

BPT-Rx integrates into the pharmacy software system and links blood pressure results collected from PharmaSmart monitors directly to an enrolled patient's electronic profile. The software supports improved patient enrollment and targeted patient intervention based on established clinical guidelines, all without interrupting core pharmacy workflow. Pharmacists using the software can receive qualified payer reimbursement by submitting outcome-based reports.

"PharmaSmart is in tune with today's retail pharmacist and the patient delivery system," CEO Fred Sarkis said. "As pharmacy looks to MTM reimbursement as a core ROI objective, our technology is designed to specifically meet the challenges of patient recruitment, pharmacist workflow and payer reimbursement. For over 10 years, the industry has observed attempts to deploy multibiometric, media-focused devices into retail pharmacy. Such deployments have not been effective in driving clinical programs or pharmacy services revenue. We have demonstrated that program success hinges on a high-validity, low-complexity kiosk and a high degree of workflow integration to sustain pharmacist execution and program scalability."

The company also demonstrated the PS DataSmart database and analytics engine, which currently houses more than 12 million patient blood-pressure readings from across North America. PS DataSmart Analytics provides clients with direct, transparent access to program metrics and allows them to track by-store and by-day usage, program enrollment rates, hypertension rates and trends and other metrics, such as cholesterol, diabetes and body mass index, to validate the program and guide MTM strategies. The analytics tool validates program growth and helps maximize resource management efficiency.

"Historically, [blood-pressure] kiosks have been positioned as advertising vehicles, and not chronic disease management support tools," PharmaSmart COO Ashton Maaraba said. "It's challenging to drive pharmacist engagement in a program that is engineered to maximize advertising revenue. Traditional self-care kiosk programs supported by OTC marketing dollars offer limited returns and fail to address the current pharmacy services imperatives. Under the current environment, pharmacy retailers are looking to drive new, scalable ROI opportunities through pharmacy services, MTM and effective patient-care initiatives."

PharmaSmart serves more than 6,000 locations across the country, including such pharmacy retailers as Walmart Canada, Safeway Canada, Coborn's, Loblaw's, Roundy's, Smart Med Rx, Leader, Good Neighbor, Le Groupe Jean Coutu, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall/Katz Group, Zellers, Sobey's, Lawton's, Astrup Drug, Winn Dixie, Big Y Foods and others.

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