PharmaSmart deploys kiosks in all Kinney Drugs stores

Kiosk network has collected more than 16 million readings, company says

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — PharmaSmart International's blood-pressure screening program is in use in all the stores of a regional retail pharmacy chain in the Northeast.

PharmaSmart said it had deployed the peer-reviewed and clinically validated program at Kinney Drugs, which operates 97 stores in upstate New York and Vermont.

PharmaSmart manufacturers and distributes the kiosks and interoperable health information technology systems and called the rollout a "major milestone" for the company following its recent relocation into a new, 53,000-sq. ft. headquarters in Rochester, N.Y.

"In this era of personalized medicine, the role of the pharmacist continues to expand as a healthcare provider," Kinney Drugs VP pharmacy operations Mike Duteau said. "The PharmaSmart kiosk technology is a valuable new frontline tool to assist our patients and pharmacists with their efforts to maintain healthy blood pressure and prevent heart disease and strokes."

PharmaSmart said its network of kiosks had collected and stored more than 16 million patient readings on its server, which it said would allow Kinney pharmacists to conduct timely reviews with patients who don't have their blood pressure controlled and thereby help them achieve better health outcomes.

"Our partnership with Kinney Drugs delivers proof that the traditional drug store can deliver innovative services to address the challenge of chronic disease and spiraling healthcare costs," PharmaSmart COO Ashton Maaraba said. "We are thrilled to be working with Kinney as they promote traditional core values and demonstrate outstanding execution for top-line pharmacy services. In 2012, a staggering 70 million Americans did not have their blood pressure controlled. Pharmacy chains such as Kinney Drugs and Bartell Drugs have partnered with PharmaSmart to address this chronic issue."


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