Pharmacy systems providers link up to offer improved prescriber verification

FORT WORTH, Texas — Integrated pharmacy systems provider PDX and Health Market Science, a leading source for health provider data and solutions, have teamed up to improve the accuracy and safety of the prescription verification process.

The two firms unveiled a stepped-up alliance Wednesday that they said will provide pharmacies with real-time prescriber validation solutions when dispensing prescriptions. The new, jointly developed automation solution said both companies “mitigate the risk of submitting an invalid prescriber identifier or submitting a prescription for a state or federally sanctioned prescriber.”

To that end, PDX and HMS will provide “advanced point-of-service compliance solutions” that integrate the PDX Pharmacy System with HMS’ Prescriber MasterFile. It means that pharmacists using PDX software will have instant access to up-to-date information on prescribing physicians, including licensure, professional status, sanctions and Drug Enforcement Administration prescriptive authority.

The result, both companies said, will be an improved and simpler verification of prescriptions as part of the dispensing process. “Each pharmacy transaction is reviewed in real time to determine if the authorizing prescriber’s license and credentials are valid and appropriate for the drug being dispensed,” they noted.

In the future, PDX’s Enterprise Pharmacy System also will be linked to the new verification process, PDX spokesman Todd Whitely reported.

Lending urgency to the effort, PDX president and CEO Jeff Farris said, is “the intense regulatory scrutiny at the state and federal level” over the prescription dispensing process. “We had to make our solution as effective as possible during the filling of a prescription, so pharmacy staff could mitigate risk without compromising customer satisfaction,” Farris explained. “By integrating our systems with the most up-to-date sanctions data available on the market from Health Market Science, we can help our pharmacy customers address the compliance challenges.”

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