Pharmacy school dean receives Pharmacy 'Great Communicator' award from NACDS

ALEXANDRIA, Va. A pharmacy school dean was honored by an industry group for his pro-pharmacy op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

R. Pete Vanderveen, dean of the University of California's pharmacy school, penned a column that emphasized the role of pharmacists in caring for those with chronic conditions. His opinion piece garnered him a Pharmacy “Great Communicator” award from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, which honors those who publicly highlight the value of community pharmacy.

Vanderveen underscored the important role pharmacists play in health care by stating that, “Pharmacists could review test results such as the blood glucose levels of patients with diabetes. They could adjust the dosage of prescribed drugs to achieve the goals for these patients set by physicians. They could keep an eye on patient use of other medications to avoid complications. And they could teach patients how to conduct self-administered tests, order lab tests when indicated, and monitor compliance with medication, diet and exercise regimens.”

Vanderveen also cited a famous study in North Carolina called the Asheville Project to emphasize how counseling by pharmacists has been shown to reduce healthcare costs by more effectively using medications to treat chronic conditions.

“This column illustrates pharmacy’s ability to help patients stay healthier while reducing healthcare costs,” said NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson. “NACDS is committed to telling the story of pharmacy as the face of neighborhood health care, and to recognizing those who are partners in this vital communications effort.”

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