Pharmacy ops up chain’s health cred out West

Raley’s has developed a range of pharmacy operations to bolster its credentials as a healthy-living resource.

Raley’s responded to heightened awareness of flu in its California and Nevada markets by moving up its seasonal vaccination program to Sept. 16 this year, and launching an H1N1 effort at select stores on Jan. 12.

The company has built an extensive flu vaccination program over 15 years that includes programs that encourage employee vaccinations and ensure all its customers have access to flu shots. “In 2009, we hosted seasonal flu shot clinics inside the majority of our stores—even those without pharmacy departments—by working with Health Tech Mobile and Renown Health Group,” said Amy Davis, a company spokeswoman. “Demonstrating our company’s commitment to helping employees maintain healthy lifestyles, Raley’s once again offered free seasonal flu vaccinations to every employee who chose to get one.”


Headquarters: West Sacramento, Calif.2009 sales: $3.54 billion% change vs. 2008: 1%No. of stores: 134No. of stores with Rx: 109Avg. store size: 50,000 sq. ft.Rx sales: $318 million% of sales from Rx: 9%Sales per store: $26.4 million

Source: Company reports

Raley’s has developed a range of pharmacy operations designed to bolster its credentials as a healthy-living resource in the community. It promotes natural and organic foods, as well as nutritious eating with advice from its registered dietician Earline Griffith. It also has offered health screenings as part of store openings.

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