PharmaCline announces plans to launch antibiotic

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — PharmaCline on Thursday announced it has secured the worldwide rights for drug delivery technology and existing antibiotic products from Phillips Co. that will enable production of a well-tolerated and broad-spectrum topical antibiotic.

According to the company, many people have unwanted allergic responses and localized dermatitis from ingredients in conventional triple antibiotic products. No such problems have been reported to date with the PharmaCline products, the company stated, due to the use of tetracycline and its historically safe profile. Tests show that the new antibiotic product is effective against topical Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

PharmaCline currently is in the process of securing capital to support upcoming U.S. and international product launches. Human field studies are ongoing, as well as preclinical work at a leading pharmacy school in the United States, the company stated. Products initially will be available online and then will be launched into specific U.S. markets with more traditional campaigns directed at healthcare providers and pharmacies.

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