P&G unveils eco-friendly initiatives for sustainability vision

CINCINNATI Procter & Gamble has implemented a succession of sustainability efforts, and on Monday that commitment continued with the announcement of a new long-term sustainability vision and a set of 10-year goals.

"What is important is that we don't treat environmental sustainability as something different from our base business. When we operate sustainably, we earn gratitude and trust that lead to opportunity, partnership and growth, which, in turn, help us touch and improve even more lives," said Bob McDonald, chairman, president and CEO of P&G, during a webcast on Monday to discuss the company's "New Vision for Sustainability."

This new vision, which was developed over the course of a year, includes powering its plants with 100% renewable energy, using 100% renewable or recyclable materials for all products and packaging, having zero consumer and manufacturing waste go to landfills and designing products that maximize the conservation of resources, McDonald said.

"Our vision will be fully integrated into P&G's business and processes. We know we can't single-handedly solve all of the issues on our own. We will need to continue to collaborate with our suppliers, consumers, retailers and in our industry," McDonald said. "No one company has all of the answers, but we need to be part of the solution."

Added Len Sauers, VP global sustainability for P&G, "The new vision that Bob just mentioned is a continuation of our sustainability journey and, in fact, we've already been working against many of the key pillars."

Sauers noted that P&G has, for example, already installed solar panels in a number of its manufacturing facilities in California and Italy and will be installing more this winter, and has announced plans to use renewable, sustainable, sugarcane-derived plastic on select packaging of its Pantene Pro-V, CoverGirl and Max Factor brands beginning next year.


By 2020, P&G is looking to achieve several goals as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability. The 10-year goals for products include:

  • Replacing 25% of its petroleum-derived raw material with renewable materials that are sustainably sourced;
  • Driving 70% of washing machine loads to be done in cold water;
  • Reducing packaging by 20%; and
  • Conducting pilot studies to understand how to eliminate landfill or dump and consumer solid waste.

The 10-year goals for operations include:

  • Reducing manufacturing waste;
  • Powering its operations with 30% renewable energy; and
  • Truck transportation reduction.


The company will report its progress against these goals annually in its sustainability report.

To help P&G deliver on its goals and ensure it is incorporating the best insight and research, P&G has inked a three-year agreement with the World Wildlife Fund U.S. Under the partnership, WWF and P&G will work together on renewable materials and sourcing, packaging, energy and water, and on-the-ground conservation efforts.

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