P&G targets teens with new media outlets

NEW YORK Tide is giving teens drama.

They are not being plagued by doing their own laundry, but rather, are being introduced to a new soap opera sponsored by Tide called “Crescent Heights”, the New York Times reports.

“Crescent Heights,” which Tide is promoting on its television commercials, print ads and packaging, will be utilized to affect sales. By partnering up with GoTV Networks, a video production company based in Sherman Oaks, Calif., which developed technology to distribute shows online and on mobile phones, Procter & Gamble are putting the “soap” back in “soap opera”.

P&G, no newbie to the soap opera biz, has sponsored and produced long-running shows like “Guiding Light.” This time around, however, the detergent maker is reaching teens through what they have dubbed as “non-advertising.” Although the Tide logo makes occasional appearances, bright clothes are the true stars of the three-minute shows.

“We want to speak to people about more than just laundry,” said Kevin Crociata, Tide’s associate marketing director. “We provide benefits to the fabrics she wears on daily basis. They have much more meaning."

“The product message is there, but it’s not as direct. If the content wasn’t entertaining, we wouldn’t be successful,” Crociata added. 

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