P&G targets men shopping at CVS with new 'Guy Aisle' prototype in Charlotte, N.C.

Includes products specifically designed for men's unique grooming needs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Looking to further tap into the men’s grooming market, Procter & Gamble has announced the creation of a prototype “Guy Aisle” in a CVS/pharmacy in Charlotte, N.C.

"Men are buyers, not shoppers," stated Michael Norton, director of external relations for male grooming at Gillette, which is owned by P&G. "They want to get the shopping done, and with all their grooming needs in one aisle, it makes shopping easier, quicker and simpler."

The new CVS/pharmacy men's grooming section includes products specifically designed for men's unique grooming needs, including Gillette, Old Spice and Head & Shoulders.
More than ever, men are interested in products for their grooming needs. In fact, Nielsen predicts the $2 billion men's grooming business will grow to $3 billion by 2012, P&G stated.

"Men are paying more attention to how they look — a trend being driven by athletes and celebrities," Norton stated. "From the revival of the barbershop to a demand for innovative men's beauty products, it is clear that men are not afraid to scrub, moisturize and put their best face forward."

As previously reported by Drug Store News, P&G has created in select H-E-B supermarkets a Men’s Zones. The store-within-a-store carves out aisles that are specially tailored to meet his grooming needs, boasting more than 530 products just for him.

In addition to featuring products from P&G, as well as other manufacturers, the Men’s Zone within H-E-B has touchscreens so he can get grooming tips and discover new products. There also are flat-screen TVs that can show sporting events or other information.

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