P&G taps celebrity Chef LaLa and medical expert Jorge Rodriguez to offer education on frequent heartburn

CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble on Monday announced that celebrity chef and nutritionist Chef LaLa, and medical expert Jorge Rodriguez, will share health and nutrition tips to help families reduce the chances of heartburn as part of a brand initiative supporting Prilosec OTC. The bilingual education about how to help minimize frequent heartburn addresses a common health issue in U.S. Hispanic households, the company noted. 

“The Latino culture is filled with colorful, flavorful traditions and we want families to continue celebrating their heritage without worrying about the discomfort of frequent heartburn,” stated Chris Vuturo, spokesperson for Prilosec OTC.

Consumers can request free samples and get information at PrilosecOTCes.com.

“With so many fiestas throughout the holiday season, it is easy to enchilarte [over do the chile] which can exacerbate the symptoms of frequent heartburn,” Chef LaLa said. “Taking simple steps like reducing acidity and spices in foods and taking Prilosec OTC as directed can help stop the acid that causes heartburn before it starts.”



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