P&G rumored to be preparing a re-entry into the incontinence market

CINCINNATI — According to blogger Tom Wilson, co-founder and president of The CareGiver Partnership and former Kimberly-Clark executive, Procter & Gamble may be readying to re-enter the incontinence market as soon as this summer. 
"It is strongly rumored that Proctor & Gamble will re-enter the disposable incontinence category, a category they helped create in 1978 along with Kimberly-Clark (Depend and Poise). Their brand was Attends," Wilson wrote, suggesting that P&G will back the re-entry with a $150 million advertising campaign. "Assuming the rumors are true and they begin shipping this summer or early fall with a full line of 24 items (pads and pull on underwear for women in different pack counts), I expect they will target at least 25% of the market," he noted. "A claim 'absorbs in seconds' is all we are aware of at this point. They're also telling trade customers that the launch will be a sustained 3-year commitment."
Wilson is basing his premise in part on a June 18 presentation at the Duetsche Bank Global Consumer Conference, where P&G CFO Jon Moeller said that in the next six months P&G will be entering a new category. "He didn't divulge the category, but also eluded to the fact that they will introduce a new and far superior method of addressing a chronic consumer issue. Here is a link to his presentation — see slide 14," Wilson noted. "We think its possible the brand will be announced at their Aug. 1 earnings conference call that is being attended by chairman A. G. Lafely."


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KellyBrezoczky says

P&G's entry into this category confirms the growing need for these personal hygiene products. It also echoes the past decade of peer reviewed studies showing both urinary and bowel leakage as real, everyday health and wellness issues for tens of millions of women and men as young as 40. My company recently launched a product for the single largest unaddressed consumer need in the category: accidental bowel leakage (ABL). While there have been pads for urinary leakage and disposable briefs for heavier bowel leakage, there haven’t been any products for light ABL.This is surprising since numerous studies confirm ABL is the single biggest unmet need in the category globally. To learn more, visit: www.ABLinfo.org. Butterfly Body Liners are the first patented product to offer discreet protection for ABL. They are the only personal hygiene product which adheres gently to the skin. Many women tell us the launch of Butterfly is as important as the invention of tampons. Men tell us they are grateful to have not been left out of the conversation. Butterfly’s innovation was recently recognized with the nonwovens industry 2014 INDA Vision Award, as well as an Edison Award. Increased conversation, education and innovative product solutions will lead to increased care and better wellness.

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