P&G reveals survey data on power of a smile among Hispanics, launches new Complete collection

CINCINNATI — In conjunction with the launch of Procter & Gamble’s new Crest & Oral-B Complete collection, the company released survey findings on the contributing influence of quality oral care among Hispanics, revealing the empowering effect of a nice smile.

The survey, which polled 2,000 Hispanic adults nationwide, showed the majority (nearly 80%) of Hispanic adults nationwide believe that people with nicer smiles simply are more successful. The survey also demonstrated how Hispanics prioritize the value of having a nice smile. For example, almost 60% of Hispanics would rather be confident about their smile than about their physical figure, despite today’s emphasis on an ideal body weight. Hispanics also reported to be less likely to leave home without brushing their teeth, compared with other personal care routines, such as washing their face or combing their hair.

However, education about good oral care is not always consistent within the Hispanic community, and nearly 4-out-of-10 Hispanic adults nationwide admit to hiding their smiles because they are uncomfortable showing their teeth, according to P&G. These statistics, combined with data that show more than 90% are worried about the health of their teeth, give Hispanics cause for re-evaluating their oral care routine.

“As a U.S. leader in oral care products, Crest & Oral-B has a rich heritage in bringing families complete solutions for their oral care needs,” P&G North American oral care associate marketing director Dennis Legault said. “The new Complete product collection was designed for those consumers who want simple, effective products that they know will work. Crest & Oral-B Complete features products that people can feel working, so they can go about their day feeling confident about their oral care.”

As part of the Crest & Oral-B Complete collection, new Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Deep Clean toothpaste is designed to provide up to two times cleaner feeling. Its combination of ingredients — now with 33% more silica than regular toothpaste and the polyionic complex made of three cleaning ingredients — leaves the mouth with a lasting clean feeling, according to P&G.

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