P&G products demonstrated live on NYC streets as part of massive consumer event

CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble announced on Wednesday the launch of its Everyday Effect campaign, which is the largest consumer event in the company’s 175-year history.

As part of the campaign, more than 40,000 products representing 25 P&G brands are being distributed throughout Manhattan at the moments people need them most, including Scope mouthwash for coffee drinkers, Febreze car vent clips for taxis and Iams dog treats for pet lovers. These citywide events will enable people to directly experience the everyday effect and benefits of P&G products. P&G brands participating in the #EverydayEffect Live From New York event include Cover Girl, Gillette, Duracell, Pampers, Old Spice, Febreze and Crest.

The results will be broadcast to the rest of the country, live, through on-the-ground reports, social media updates and content featured across PGEveryday.com/EverydayEffect, Twitter (#EverydayEffect) and Facebook.com/PGEveryday. Events include:

  • The delivery of everyday confidence through free barber, salon, personal care, makeup and nail services at multiple locations;
  • P&G brand ambassadors canvassing the streets of Manhattan with free pedicab rides, product samples, brand giveaways and coupons;
  • Special deliveries by Pampers and appearances by the Charmin Bears, Old Spice and more; and
  • The P&G Innovation Center at Herald Square highlighting the company's 175-year history of innovation and broadcasting the #EverydayEffect Live events taking place in the city.

"We're making a deliberate effort to demonstrate to consumers how our brands improve their everyday life in small yet meaningful ways," stated Melanie Healey, P&G North America group president. "Regardless of a person’s unique challenge or need, P&G products provide daily benefits that improve quality of life — whether it’s helping newborns and their parents get a good night’s sleep or getting college students ready for life away from home, or simply getting that boost of confidence because of a clean shave, beautiful skin or a beautiful white smile. By providing innovative solutions to the challenges and needs faced in everyday life, P&G brands can help consumers in so many different but important ways. That’s what we call the P&G ‘Everyday Effect.’"

The New York event is part of a series of activities, programming and social media videos supporting the roll out of P&G's Everyday Effect campaign. Activities taking shape around the world include consumer events, retail partnerships, in-store displays and brand-focused "experiment" videos showcasing the everyday effect of using P&G products. Social media assets will be distributed and available across P&G social media channels in the United States, Japan, China, Mexico, Germany and Brazil.


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