P&G introduces Vicks NyQuil D

CINCINNATI Procter & Gamble on Monday announced the introduction of NyQuil D, as part of the Vicks brand of cough, cold and flu products.

“NyQuil relieves cold and flu symptoms to help you sleep better,” stated Tara Stealy, brand manager of Vicks.

NyQuil D has been reformulated with decongestant phenylephrine, replacing the original ingredient pseuodephedrine.

NyQuil D has a suggested retail price of $6.32 for 10 oz. Other NyQuil Liquids, NyQuil LiquiCaps and NyQuil Sinus LiquiCaps will continue to be available over-the-counter in the cold and flu aisle.P&G Announces Availability of NyQuil D

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