P&G develops eStore concept with PFSweb

CINCINNATI Procter & Gamble is testing Web sales via an online "learning lab" developed in partnership with e-commerce services provider PFSweb.

The online store, called the eStore, will be owned and operated by PFSweb and will exclusively feature P&G products to consumers in the United States. The eStore is expected to launch in the spring, following a pilot of the site with 5,000 consumers that will begin in the coming weeks.

P&G initiated the eStore concept and has been working its ideas for test concepts and programs with PFSweb. Product pricing, promotion, shelving and distribution will be at the sole discretion of PFSweb. P&G will work closely with PFSweb to identify new concepts, programs and marketing efforts to test via the eStore.

"We are very excited about the eStore's potential to reach more consumers and create new online experiences and innovations that build our brands online," stated Kirk Perry, P&G's VP, North America. "Ultimately, our goal in working with an experienced e-commerce business like PFSweb is to test concepts and programs that can be reapplied with all of our online retail partners in ways that exponentially grow consumer affinity for our brands and mutually increase sales for P&G and our retailer partners."

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