Pfizer Consumer Healthcare celebrates new Advil product with contest

MADISON, N.J. Pfizer Consumer Healthcare on Tuesday announced it will be supporting its Advil Congestion Relief launch with a text-driven sweepstakes across five metropolitan areas, including Atlanta; Grapevine, Texas; Jersey City, N.J.; Orland Park, Ill.; and Pleasanton, Calif. As many as 100 sweepstake winners will be awarded the services of a personal shopper for use on Black Friday, providing “literal congestion relief” on one of the most congested holiday shopping days.


One grand prize winner in each city also will win a $1,000 gift card.



"We know that congestion — either a stuffy nose or a crowded mall — can really put a damper on the busy holiday season," stated Kristin Shea, franchise lead of upper respiratory and allergy at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. "We're offering consumers two new solutions this season: new Advil Congestion Relief that tackles the real cause of their congestion — swelling due to nasal inflammation — and personal Black Friday 'Decongesters' to provide 100 lucky winners with literal relief from congested malls."



The personal assistants will help winning shoppers by waiting in long lines for them, running mall errands for them and carrying their heavy shopping bags.


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