Pfizer Consumer expands Centrum franchise across several niche categories

MADISON, N.J. — Pfizer Consumer Healthcare on Thursday announced the launch of Centrum Specialist, a line of enhanced multivitamins aimed at specific health priorities, including prenatal, vision, energy and heart health.

Pfizer also launched line of single-ingredient supplements under a new ProNutrients brand that includes omega-3, probiotic and fruit & veggie. "Many people are considering adding or already have added supplements like omega-3 or probiotics to their diet," stated Tiffany McLaud, U.S. franchise lead for dietary supplements at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. "But we have heard from consumers that choosing the right multivitamin and supplement can be confusing," he noted. "Now with ProNutrients, Americans can feel confident about their supplement choices, and when taken with a multivitamin … will get key nutrients for health and wellness."

Pfizer is encouraging trial by way of a coupon offer through its Centrum Facebook page.

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