Pfizer, Abbott to develop cancer treatment

NEW YORK Drug makers Pfizer and Abbott Labs have announced they will develop a test and therapy for non small-cell lung-cancer tumors.

Pfizer has developed an investigational drug, code named PF-02341066, which selectively targets cancer-causing genes that cause many cancers to progress, but to be eligible to receive it, patients must have a particular rearrangement of the genes found in such cancers as NSCLC.

Under the terms of the agreement, Abbott will develop a companion diagnostic test to determine whether patients in clinical trials can receive the drug.

“This test will allow us to focus on the patient population most likely to benefit from our NSCLC candidate, Pfizer Oncology Business Unit general manager Garry Nicholson said in a statement. “Working in close partnership with the experienced Abbott team, we are confident that we will deliver yet another application of personalized medicine to address a currently unmet medical need in NSCLC.”

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