PetSmart, GNC to make dietary supplements for pets

PHOENIX PetSmart and GNC on Tuesday announced the launch of a unique line of dietary supplements designed for dogs and cats. The new line will exclusively be made for PetSmart and available at PetSmart and beginning in the fall.

The GNC and PetSmart partnership recognizes that pet parents want balanced nutrition for their pets, just as they do for themselves. Like people, pets have unique dietary needs depending on their stage in life, and vitamins and supplements can support growth for young pets and provide enhanced nutrition for aging ones.

“These specially-formulated supplements will give our pet parents another unique offering to help them keep their pets healthy and happy and another reason to shop our stores,” stated Matt McAdam, VP merchandising at PetSmart. “Working with GNC, the leader in dietary supplements, gives us the opportunity to offer pets and pet parents a superior nutritional product.”

GNC EVP Tom Dowd reported the impetus to create the supplements came from customers who repeatedly requested supplements for their pets. “The new pet vitamins represent a true consumer-driven innovation – we saw the need first-hand in our own stores,” Dowd said. “With PetSmart’s expertise in pet care and excellent retail capabilities, we knew they were the ideal partner to join us in this venture.”

Both companies view the partnership as a strategic, long-term opportunity that sets them apart in the industry. “The vitamins are a one-of-a-kind product backed by two well-established, trusted brands that emphasize to pet parents why PetSmart is their total pet care resource,” said McAdam.

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