Pet bath technology helps improve quality of life for owners, animals

NEW YORK SpongeTech Delivery Systems, Inc., the maker of SpongeTech’s Uncle Norman’s 4 in 1 Pet Sponge, has released a list of tips for pet owners to help with bathing cats, dogs and other small animals.

Tips include brushing cats’ and dogs’ regularly with appropriate pet brushes, buying a special shower spray device to assist in rinse-offs, wearing clothing that will protect from pet scratches and fur when bathing pets and removing knots from pet hair before washing in water-especially if the pet is a long-haired animal.

SpongeTech’s Uncle Norman’s 4 in 1 Pet Sponge comes with built-in shampoo/conditioner that includes an odor inhibitor to help clean the pet. The sponge is also designed with special “massage bumps” and can be used about eight times before it loses any effectiveness.

“Our earth-friendly product is Paraben-free and eliminates the need to purchase separate bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and odor neutralizers for your pet,” company president  Michael Metter said. “With Uncle Norman’s Pet Sponge, bath time for cats and dogs has never been easier.”

SpongeTech products are sold at grocery, drug and mass retailers such as Bashas’ Supermarkets, Rite-Aid stores, Winn-Dixie supermarkets and Wal-Mart.More information is available at

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