Personal care sees solid growth

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Is the personal care market ripe for acquisitions? Global consulting and research firm Kline & Co. thinks so.

"Clearly, companies continue to emphasize growth agendas and make significant funding available — both strategic and financial sponsors — to realize such aspirations. Such an improving environment is increasingly attractive for mergers and acquisitions and a growing number of smaller, often privately held, cosmetic and toiletry companies are contemplating, developing and/or executing exits. As such, 2013 portends to offer even greater deal flow as many companies look to invest in new growth opportunities," stated Eric Vogelsberg, SVP at Kline's M&A Advisory, in announcing the findings earlier this year.

While Procter & Gamble maintains its lead in the U.S. personal care market, and other major companies, such as L'Oréal, are enjoying solid growth, smaller companies are making strong headway, according to Kline.

Kline added that, within the presently fertile M&A climate, smaller companies are increasingly attractive acquisition prospects by larger, cashed-up and savvy players. For example, earlier this year, L'Oréal's CEO Jean-Paul Agon announced that he was ready to make important acquisitions to maintain growth, and this has already been borne out by the recent acquisition of Interconsumer Products, one of Kenya's largest manufacturers of personal care and beauty products.


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