Persica gum may boost periodontal health

LONDON A new study has found that chewing gum with Persica extracts may fight bacteria and improve periodontal health.

Although Persica extracts have been examined for their oral health benefits, the clinical effects of gum containing the extract had not been investigated, authors of a study published in the international journal Complementary Therapy in Clinical Practice said.

Examining 72 cases of plaque-induced moderate gingivitis, subjects either were given gum with Persica extracts or a placebo gum to chew for two weeks. Although seven patients from the Persica group and five from the placebo group were excluded due to complaints of irritation, the effects of extract chewing gum was statistically significant in reduction of gingival and bleeding indexes but not for the plaque index in Persica groups, compared with the placebo groups in the days of 7 and 14 after the beginning of trial. Persica extract chewing gum had a considerable effect on GI, and BI.

The authors concluded that the use of Salvadora persica extract chewing gum may promote periodontal health, stating that "the use of Persica containing chewing gum in comparison to placebo gum has a strong effect on gingival inflammation and gingival bleeding."

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