Perrigo gets exclusive U.S. rights for generic Xyzal

ALLEGAN, Mich. Perrigo last week acquired the exclusive U.S. rights to sell and distribute levocetirizine tablets, the generic version of UCB’s Xyzal tablets, from Synthon Pharmaceuticals.

“This is a prime example of Perrigo’s strategic focus on introducing new products which will make quality healthcare more affordable to American consumers,” stated Perrigo chairman and chief executive officer Joe Papa. “Given Perrigo’s unique model of leadership in both over-the-counter and generic prescription businesses, we can leverage this first to file opportunity whether the brand product stays behind the pharmacy counter or if it switches to an over-the-counter status, a likely scenario.”

Xycal is a prescription-only remedy for the treatment of indoor and outdoor allergies, with annualized sales of $200 million on growth of 15 percent per year, Perrigo stated, citing figures from Wolters, Kluwer.

Synthon and UCB are currently engaged in litigation over Synthon’s abbreviated-new-drug-application filing of levocetirizine, Perrigo noted in its press release.

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