Perma Brands launches Razorpit

NEW YORK — Perma Brands, a developer and distributor of personal care, beauty, bath and gift items in North America, is bringing to the U.S. market the Danish-designed Razorpit, which is a product designed to extend the life of a razor blade.

Razorpit uses a friction-based method to remove the fine residues of hair, skin and soap that make razor blades dull, extending the life of any one razor blade from five to 10 times up to 150 shaves, the company stated. With a five-blade cartridge that costs an average of $4.51, Razorpit could save consumers more than $200 in the first year alone, the company estimated. The Razorpit retails for $25.

Razorpit's design is made of recycled thermo plastic elastomeric, which is a highly stable, inactive material with the properties of silicone and rubber.

To clean the razor, glide the blade across the surface of the Razorpit, which removes soap, skin, hair and all other buildup that makes a razor feel dull.

"The razor blades we purchase today are superior products that have the potential to last a long time. There is no reason why we should be tossing them in the trash after a few days," stated Jason Goncalves, president of Perma Brands. "Razorpit lets you extend the life of your razor blades, giving you more value for your money, and leaving fewer razor blades in landfills. It's a beautiful example of an innovation that is set to revolutionize the razor blade industry and save money for millions of Americans."

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