Periscope introduces Flip Cover+Lights

RIDGEWOOD, N.J. Periscope has introduced an integrated reading light and deluxe cover for e-readers.

Periscope's Flip Cover+Lights is available in two versions — one that’s compatible with both the Amazon Kindle 2 (6-inch screen) and Barnes & Noble Nook e-readers and a second larger version that is compatible with the Amazon Kindle DX e-reader.

The new Flip Cover+Lights are available at the following suggested retail prices: $49.95 for the Kindle 2/Nook version and $59.95 for the larger Kindle DX version.

“As the market for e-readers grows and expands at an explosive rate, so too does the demand for e-reader covers and reading lights,” said Periscope president Eric Fisherman. “Covers and lights are essential components of the e-reader package and neither is included with a basic e-reader purchase. What’s more, all current e-readers are standardized on a screen technology that is not back lit, which makes the purchase of a reading light mandatory if the product is to be enjoyed in a low light environment.”

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