Pepto-Bismol serves as title sponsor for college basketball fan festival

CINCINNATI — With the NCAA tournament under way, Procter & Gamble's Pepto-Bismol will offer an interactive experience at Bracket Town, a college basketball fan festival, by highlighting historical game upsets.

As a title sponsor of the Hall of Champions at Bracket Town — which is being held in Houston — the stomach reliever brand will display the Hall of Upsets. At the Hall of Upsets, fans will be able to watch the historical upsets again, meet the players who played an integral role in those top upsets and vote on which game-changing upset made their stomachs flip the most.

The five biggest upset moments, according to Pepto-Bismol, are:

  • Villanova (8) vs. Georgetown (1), 1985;

  • North Carolina State (6) vs. Houston (3), 1983;

  • George Mason (11) vs. Connecticut (1), 2006;

  • Valparaiso (13) vs. Mississippi (4), 1998; and

  • Kentucky (5) vs. Indiana (1), 1975.

Pepto-Bismol said fans who visit the Hall of Upsets at Bracket Town also can debate about the shake-ups that have occurred during the current tournament and can go to to comment on how they have celebrated the upsets this March.

"We're happy to join in on the fun and excitement that occurs when watching college basketball," said Kristen Stutz, assistant brand manager for Pepto at Procter & Gamble. "Pepto's here to remind fans to enjoy the upsets; and if you overdo it, we've got you covered."

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