PepsiCo, Feed the Children partner to feed Hartford families

Hartford, Connecticut — Feed the Children and PepsiCo handed out 25-lb. boxes of food to 800 families at an event on Thursday. The Hartford event is one of several that the charity has planned this summer.

“We believe in a world where no child goes to bed hungry — a world in which kids can be kids and grow up wide-eyed, curious, playful, eager to learn, strong, joyful and full of dreams,” Feed the Children president and CEO Kevin Hagan said. "PepsiCo, its employees and our friends at PriceRite are not just providing food and essentials today."

Families who received food from the organizations — which included produce, staples, and Frito-Lay snacks and Avon products — were selected by Hartford organization Community Renewal Team.  Aunt Jemima, Quaker and Aquafina also furnished goods for the food event. 

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