Pepperidge Farm launches new Goldfish snack mix

NORWALK, Conn. Pepperidge Farm has named its new Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Mix-Up Adventures to its list of goldfish snack crackers. Mix-Up Adventures mix “xtra cheddar flavor blasted” goldfish and pretzel goldfish crackers to appeal to children and parents, the company said.

“We know that when it comes to snacking, kids love variety and parents have told us they often mix up different flavors of Goldfish crackers for their kids at home,” Pepperidge Farm vice president and general manager-snacks division, Michael Simon, said. “In an effort to continue to provide kids and moms with convenient, fun, wholesome snacks, we decided to combine two of our great Goldfish flavors, xtra cheddar flavor blasted and pretzel, into one fun, easy and tasty snack the entire family will enjoy.”

Pepperidge Farm’s goldfish cracker packages will features the characters Gilbert and Xtreme and direct childrent to the Web site, to play games and learn more about goldfish.

The Goldfish Mix-Up Adventures crackers are now available at grocery stores, mass merchandisers and supermarkets across the U.S. The suggested retail price is $2.19 per package.

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