PediaCare Shopper’s Guide simplifies cough-cold purchases

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. — Prestige Brands introduced an iPhone application in support of its PediaCare line — the PediaCare Shopper’s Guide.

It’s an application that will help parents navigate the pediatric cough-cold aisle when they’re physically shopping the shelf, and help to alleviate two parental concerns around kids' cough-cold remedies that have garnered media attention of late — accurate dosing and the spate of product recalls.

“We saw an opportunity to not only highlight the expanded line of PediaCare products in a new and compelling way, but also help resolve some of the distress parents may be feeling when they try to navigate the children’s medicine aisle,” stated Robin Russo, president of Robin Leedy & Associates, the firm that created the app and specializes in public relations and social media campaigns. “They can get the answer they need from the PediaCare Shopper’s Guide iPhone app right there while they’re standing at the shelf.”

The new PediaCare iPhone app coincides with the launch of PediaCare’s new safe and effective cold-flu-fever medicines — with and without acetaminophen — that match the formulations of the recent recall of children’s Tylenol products.

Robin Leedy & Associates partnered with Thinklabs Interactive to create the iPhone app, which is available for free download in the Apple iTunes App Store.

The app includes information that will help parents of children ages 1 year to 11 years to select which over-the-counter PediaCare product best addresses the symptoms their child is experiencing, help parents understand which products require a dosage recommendation from a pediatrician based on age restrictions and provide a link to the PediaCare website for full product descriptions, including dosage directions.

A modified version of the PediaCare Shopper’s Guide also is offered at the newly redesigned PediaCare website, As part of the iPhone application launch, Robin Leedy & Associates has made a video demonstration of the iPhone app available for viewing in the PediaCare YouTube channel.

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