PDX, HDS fuse automation, data with verification tool

Tim Slevin

FORT WORTH, Texas — Blending the power of one of the most widely used pharmacy automation systems with a massive database of prescribing physicians, two major pharmacy technology providers have unveiled a new partnership designed to give dispensing pharmacists immediate access to real-time prescriber data.

Retail pharmacy technology provider PDX and Healthcare Data Solutions announced the alliance in November. The goal, according to both companies, is to link users of the PDX Pharmacy System with a real-time prescriber verification process.

The result could give pharmacists an immediate and more accurate check of each patient’s prescription by providing up-to-date information on the doctor who wrote the prescription. Both companies said the integration of the PDX Pharmacy System and the HDS PrescriberPRO database would allow immediate verification of prescribers and associated profiles — including when a prescriber is added or before a prescription is filled.

Retail pharmacists using PDX technology can access PrescriberPRO over a secure, Web-based service. The service will match and clean up pharmacy data at the store level, deliver updates on prescribers’ licensure to the pharmacy every day, match prescriptions with providers, allow pharmacies to acquire detailed prescriber profiles and synchronize pharmacies’ prescriber databases with PrescriberPRO.

“It is crucial that pharmacies have accurate data when they fill prescriptions,” PDX-Rx.com president and CEO Jeff Farris said. “By partnering with HDS, PDX customers will have access to another cutting-edge utility that will assure the pharmacy that they are filling prescriptions for valid prescribers.”

Citing the “strong relationship” his company already has with PDX, HDS CEO Tim Slevin also hailed the potential benefits the new alliance could bring to the dispensing process. “As a leader in the pharmacy market, [PDX’s] selection of Healthcare Data Solutions’ PrescriberPRO, coupled with the power of the HDS Web Service PrescriberPRO Portal, will bring a newly developed, high-value solution to PDX customers,” he asserted.

In business for more than 25 years, PDX and its affiliates, Rx.com and the Nationwide Health Information Network, now provide automation to more than 10,000 retail pharmacies, including 14 chains and one major managed care plan. HDS specializes in compiling and distributing powerful databases on physicians, pharmacies, mid-level practitioners and dentists, with more than 2 million healthcare provider profiles.

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