PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System integrates Armada Health Care's ApproveRx

FORT WORTH, Texas — Armada Health Care and PDX on Friday announced that Armada’s prior authorization solution, known as ApproveRx, will be integrated with the PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System, PDX Classic and Community Pharmacy system, PDX’s newest system. ApproveRx is an online platform that streamlines the prior authorization process for all pharmacies and prescribers, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly locate and submit prior authorization forms for virtually all drugs and insurance plans. 
The integration will produce a continuous pharmacy dispensing workflow and optimal efficiencies. Using the integrated functionality, pharmacies can automate the selection and completion of the appropriate prior authorization form, saving time searching for the appropriate and most current insurance form. The pharmacy can then electronically send the prior authorization request to any prescriber or health plan eliminating the need for paper faxes. The system allows for monitoring the status of all prior authorization submissions.
The use of ApproveRx provides PDX pharmacies with a method for initiating and managing prior authorizations within the current workflow. “It is important to PDX that pharmacies have technologies they need to work smarter and faster. By integrating Armada Health Care’s prior authorization program, PDX pharmacies will have access to a utility that will help streamline the prior authorization process,” said Jeff Farris, CEO of PDX. “We remain focused on delivering solutions and services our pharmacy partners require to remain efficient, such as those offered by Armada.”
“Industry reports predict a 63% increase in specialty-drug spend between 2014 and 2016, so it’s becoming progressively more important for pharmacy systems to be able to fill and get reimbursed for high-cost medications that require prior authorization approvals,” added Lawrence Irene, CEO of Armada Health Care. “Armada’s partnership with PDX effectively helps fill this need in the marketplace, and helps PDX capture the specialty spend.”
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