PawSafe develops household cleaners with furry friends in mind

DALLAS A line of household cleaners can aid pet parents' quest to rid their homes of dirt and grime made by their four-legged furry family members, its makers said.

PawSafe household cleaners are formulated without harsh chemicals, using such natural plant-based ingredients as beet sugar. The products also have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for safety and cleaning effectiveness. Products included in the PawSafe line are: floor cleaner, window cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, toy cleaner and toilet cleaner.

"Keeping a clean home with pets around is always a chore; but keeping our pets safe from the harsh chemical odors and residues that come along with traditional household cleaners can be even more challenging," said Amber Zable, brand manager. "PawSafe household cleaners deliver a safe, powerful clean for pet parents who are concerned about the health of their household pets and family."

Visit for more information; product samples and images are available upon request.

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