The PARI Vortex delivers more of what the patient needs

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc., the world leaders in clinically proven aerosol delivery, would like to introduce the PARI Vortex Non-Electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber. For use with prescribed Metered Dose Inhalers, the static-free PARI Vortex helps deliver more aerosol than plastic spacers, reduces the potential for systemic side effects and is adaptable to new HFA propellants.

Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) are commonly prescribed for asthma patients.  Though small and easy to carry, MDIs are commonly misused, resulting in an inadequate treatment. Pair the PARI’s Vortex Non-Electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber with an MDI as the solution for patients with poor technique and coordination issues.  The PARI Vortex duckbill valve and anodized non-static aluminum body increase the amount of medication available for inhalation, resulting in better treatment outcomes.  Traditional spacers and holding chambers are made out of plastic with a static charge which can attract and trap aerosolized medication, significantly reducing the amount available for inhalation.  Priced affordably, the PARI Vortex is easy for patients to use, dishwasher safe and latex free, compatible with new HFA propelled MDIs, and is available with child friendly character masks to help improve pediatric compliance. Visit or call 1-800-FAST-NEB (1-800-327-8632) for more information.

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