Parents seek homeopathy for household

A sick child leads to one certainty: parents in search of safe and effective symptom relievers that will allow their child — and subsequently, themselves — to get some rest.

That movement toward homeopathic remedies is reflected in the sales data. For example, SymphonyIRI Group vendor-level data for the 52 weeks ended Dec. 30, 2012, in the cough syrup sub-category, both Similasan and Hyland's outpaced category growth of 4.6% with growth rates of 53.1% and 58.5%, respectively. And across cold and allergy liquid formulations, growth of No. 10 brand Hyland's was tracking at 46.7% versus 11.5% for that entire category.

This cough-cold season Hyland's launched its Defend-Plus line, an homeopathic cough-cold symptom reliever for adults. Hyland's already has a share of the pediatric cough-cold market. Defend-Plus will help Hyland's reach the mom buying cold medicines for the rest of the family.



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