Parata launches PACMED C30 packaging technology

DURHAM, N.C. Parata Systems has launched its new product, the PACMED C30, which is a packaging technology used to extend the safety and convenience of its onePAC packaging system.

onePac is a strip that contains information like patients’ medications, patient names, pill descriptions and time of day to take a dose of the medication. On the strip, up to 19 lines of information can be held. The goal of the strips are to remind patients who take multiple medications when to take what medications and how much of each medication.

The PACMED C30 expands on the technology of the onePAC by combining multiple onePAC strips together for easy access by patients. PACMED C30 is efficient and accurate, generating up to 60 unit-dose or 50 multi-dose packages a minute.

“Adherence is a critical touch point in the circle of pharmacy care, and Parata’s launch of PACMED C30 offers an exciting new way for pharmacies to extend their care by improving patient adherence, safety and convenience,” says Tom Rhoads, executive vice president for customer and market strategies at Parata Systems.

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