ParaPRO presents study affirming prescription pediculicide efficacy

BOSTON — ParaPRO on Saturday presented data showing the effectiveness of Natroba (spinosad) topical suspension, 0.9% against head lice and nits following one treatment without nit combing. Those data about the pediculicide, derived from a naturally occurring soil bacterium, were presented in a poster session at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition here.

“The results build upon earlier research indicating spinosad, without nit combing, kills both live lice and nits after treatment," stated presenter Nicole Rogers. “This study also supports previous in-vitro findings showing spinosad was ovicidal.”

On day seven of treatment, 92% of the spinosad patients were lice-free compared to 49% of patients treated with placebo. On day 14, the efficacy rate for the spinosad group was 86% compared to 26% for patients treated with placebo. Re-infestation rates between day seven and 14 (whether as a result of nits hatching or through transmission) were 6% for the spinosad group and 50% for the placebo group.

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