Panasonic develops new gel nail polish remover for at-home use

LAS VEGAS — Panasonic announced on Monday the introduction of the ES-WC30 Gel Nail Polish Remover. 

The product is an extension to the line of recently launched compact beauty products, which includes the Precision Body Shaver, Precision Facial Hair Trimmer, Heated Eyelash Curler and Compact Battery-Powered Toothbrush.

As the new trend of gel nail polish continues to grow and becomes increasingly popular, consumers who want to remove their gel nail polish can either visit the salon for removal or are faced with the task of at-home removal.  The Panasonic ES-WC30 Gel Nail Polish Remover is designed to quickly and painlessly remove gel nail polish, providing users with easy nail care at home. 

The battery-operated device features a gel sanding attachment to quickly buff gel nails, making it easier for nail polish remover to penetrate.  After a user applies a nail polish remover and gel is softened, it can then be easily removed using the decoration remover and cuticle care attachment, which gently peels gel nail polish from nails.

In addition to easy gel nail polish removal at home, the Panasonic ES-WC30 Gel Nail Polish Remover promises to provide salon-grade treatment for nails.  Nails can be quickly shaped using the filing attachment, which files the nail at a 45-degree angle, preventing brittle nails from splitting.  In addition, the decoration remover and cuticle care attachment was designed to fit the curve of one's nail, to gently push cuticles back to the base.

The Panasonic ES-WC30 Gel Nail Polish Remover will be available in the spring of 2013 and pricing will be announced prior to ship date.


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