Pampers taps Olympians Jennie Finch, Dominique Moceanu for social media campaign

CINCINNATI — Pampers is teaming up with Olympians and moms Jennie Finch and Dominique Moceanu to pay homage to Team USA while continuing to celebrate the unique spirit of play found within each and every baby.

Beginning later this month, Finch and Moceanu will be appearing on Pampers social media channels sharing the many ways in which they incorporate play into their everyday lives with baby. The Pampers "Spirit of Play" video series, which will be showcased on Pampers' YouTube channel, will feature an array of content, including:

  • Parenting in Play: Moceanu will share how her children inspire her through their own play and the many ways she infuses their play into her personal routine;

  • Spirit of Play Date: Finch will offer up simple tips for how she celebrates play with her friends, family and little ones — and even gets in a workout herself; and

  • Pampers Playground: Finch will provide a tutorial of the newly launched Pampers Playground microsite, a place where parents can socialize and share with one another, while being provided fun tools and games to celebrate baby play 24/7.

"As an athlete — and a mom — it's such a joy watching my little guys figure things out while they play," said Finch, a mom to two sons (ages 6 and 1 years old), who also currently is expecting her third child. "They're exploring the world, learning, and growing. Watching their happy faces and their own individual spirit of play as they discover new things makes me smile. Their openness to learning as they figure out something new, or my little guy's determination and look of pride as he learns to walk and balance, inspire me."

"Babies truly are champions at play," added Moceanu, also a mom of two (ages 5 and 3 years old). "Transitioning from an athlete to a coach, I now better grasp the significance that equipment can have on a child's athletic prowess and performance. So as a mother, I naturally want the best for my little athletes at play. That's why I adore Pampers limited-edition USA diapers, which not only offer performance, but a unique style that extends support to our Team USA athletes beyond the Olympic Games."

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