Pampers revitalizes online resource for moms-to-be

CINCINNATI A diaper brand has developed a content-rich website that seeks to connect expectant mothers by providing them with insights and tips on pregnancy and motherhood.

Pampers said that, part of the Pampers Village website, includes real-life stories and advice written by more than 20 everyday moms from around the country. Pampers said it revitalized the content on its "pregnancy" tab to serve as additional resource for parents-to-be to use alongside the expert content found in Pampers' weekly newsletters and the more traditional medical-based sites offering clinical advice. Special promotions and offers also can be found in the "pregnancy" tab on Pampers Village.

"Most moms have a million questions and feelings soaring through their minds during their first pregnancy, and possibly even during their second and third," said John Brase, marketing director for Pampers. "At Pampers, we love all babies and support their happy, healthy development and that's why we created so real moms can share their experiences and advice with other mom on topics they care about the most."

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