Pampers celebrates 50th birthday with Little Miracle Missions program

CINCINNATI — Part of its 50th anniversary as a baby care brand, Pampers has launched its Little Miracle Missions program.

The program's goal is to celebrate, support and protect babies and their families while encouraging parents to "pay it forward" and support others, Pampers said. The program launch is being supported through TV ad spots and through Pampers' Facebook platform, where consumers can participate in the first Little Miracle Mission — to congratulate and offer support to an expectant mother with a gift or surprise to underscore how special it is to become a parent. Pampers noted it will issue different missions throughout the entire year.

"We are so thrilled to unveil our Little Miracle Missions campaign, which delivers acts of support to families (and hopeful families) while encouraging others to do the same," said Jodi Allen, Pampers general manager. "This is just the start of the amazing things we can do together, and at the end of our birthday year, we hope to make this a better world for little miracles now and for years to come."

For more information on the program, visit Pampers' Facebook page.

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