Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula joins World Cocoa Foundation

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula has joined the World Cocoa Foundation in support of efforts to provide economic, social and environmental development in cocoa-growing communities.

As one of the first cocoa butter skin care brands in the United States, Palmer's has become synonymous with cocoa butter. The Palmer’s brand was founded more than 160 years ago. Like the WCF, the brand recognizes the benefits associated with the cocoa bean and in this partnership hopes to lend support to the foundation's mission to stimulate a sustainable cocoa economy.

Palmer's main cocoa supplier for the Cocoa Butter Formula brand, Dutch Cocoa, is part of ECOM Agro Industrial, which maintains close relationships with cocoa producers and their families in order to help strengthen the farmers' position and to ensure an ample supply of high-quality raw materials. ECOM Cocoa supports farmers through financial investments, training and education in farming practices, distribution arrangements and technological support and services.

"We are proud to be part of the World Cocoa Foundation's efforts to fully support cocoa farmers and their families around the world," stated Robert Neis, president of E.T. Browne Drug. "WCF recognizes the challenges that independent cocoa farmers face each year, and by becoming a member, we are assisting with the successful implementation of programs that help farm families increase income while also providing education and community development."

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